Private Sound Journey /Meditation Experience

60 MINUTES-$200 (Up to 4 people)

4or more- PRices differ

A relaxing soundscape for meditation for yourself and others. Incorporates Shamanic elements and provides a journey-space. Enjoy in the comfort of your own home (location may adjust price).

Intuitive Reading/ Spiritual Counseling

60 MINUTES- $100  

90 MINUTES- $150

Perfect for those looking to engage more deeply in their spirituality or for those looking to gain insight to deep-seeded questions. 

One-on-One Sound / Reiki Energy Healing Session 

60 minutes $125

Using gemstone infused crystal singing bowls, tibetan singing bowls, Native instruments, channeled vocals, and other instruments, seek healing from physical and mental discomforts through the gentle massage of sound waves.

Sacred Voice Classes

1 Class- $100

6 week Journey- $777

Sacred Voice classes focus on an individuals relationship with their own inherent instrument. The voice/ vocal chords act as an instrument and can allow us to tune and align through it. Develop a deep connection to your voice and surprise yourself in discovering the beauty within!

Home Clearing/ Blessing

Price based on Sq. Foot

We will take a look at each room within the home and observe the home as a living, breathing entity and reflection of your inner space. We will channel energies Native to the land of your home to  protect, Bless, and send love to your home

One of Dylan's favorite services to offer, the homeowner/ renter will receive a beautiful cleansing experience of their home with sound and meditation. Dylan's philosophy inspires the necessity for a gifts that he will purchase/ create/ find/ and re-gift to be given to the home. One of these gifts is an inspired painting Dylan will present to the home.









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