I went to my first Reiki class with Dylan and Lauren leading the class. I’ve always been very open and receptive to spiritual energy but lately I’ve been feeling somewhat disconnected. I’m so grateful that I ended up in the class because I feel like it woke me back up. During the hour that I participated in the class, everything felt so perfect; from Dylan’s beautiful singing, the sounds from the bowls, both of their (Dylan and Lauren’s) energies, and Lauren’s healing hands. By the end of class, I was so deeply engaged, I couldn’t move my legs—a bizarre and amazing feeling. When I got home, the relaxation continued and grew. I slept so peacefully and deep that night. I can’t remember the last time I’ve slept that well, or if I’ve ever slept that well before. The effects from my participation have lingered, as I continue to feel really peaceful and safe, a couple of days later. I’m so beyond grateful for the experience I had in Dylan’s class. I’ll definitely be back and I would highly recommend this to anyone. I hope that everyone can experience the positive and loving energy that I was fortunate enough to receive. Thank you!
— Milissa
After the healing session last night I came home and continued to process energy that doesn’t service me.

At first, my friend, Craig was hanging around playing with my dogs and I just wanted him to leave because I felt the energy stirring. However, I kept my patience.

I figured I’d walk my dogs and that would make me feel better. Craig decided to join which was okay. However, I couldn’t help but be reflective...and I was quiet. I was really stirring and a part of me wanted space and a part of me was okay with the company on our walk.
I remained patient.

When I returned home it was past 9pm and Craig came back into my apt. because he had left some items in my place and he was taking his time and sat down again continuing to play with my dogs.
I continued with feeding my dogs and cleaning up - then finally said, okay Craig... I’m going to eat quickly and hit the sack. It’s time for you to go. I couldn’t contain the emotions that were stirring and needed space.

I took the trash out and Craig walked out with me,...we said our good byes and I came back into my apt., sat down on my sofa and took a couple of deep breathes and began to cry. Due to retaining my tears... I had developed a headache and as I released, it lightened and eventually went away.
The tears were definitely related to stories of my past and I honored and let the emotions go. Very powerful healing that I much needed... and the Universe is good at setting it up for me - especially when it’s a release that’s due. I cried a bit more as I laid down for bed and listened to some music that I resonate with... digital music with beautiful lyrics.
I had a restful night and feel lighter and better today.

I wanted to share my experience with you, because I know this is a testimonial that is in service of validation - your facilitation and channeling of those bowls all works.

— Mona Sandoval

Dear Dylan,

Good morning. I want to thank you for an incredible healing experience last night. My body feels so much better. Apparently I don’t need to go to the chiropractor now. 

Also I finally realize that my clergy ordination is about my being a Shaman. No longer rebelling against this but lovingly accepting this and grateful. 

Peace. Have a great week.
— Bonnie
I want to thank you for the blessing ceremony you performed on my new car and share my experience so you can share with others. I felt I was guided to ask for the blessing to be done on my car. Something in my intuition said doing this would uplift my vehicle and align me with it while it will assist me on my journey. I felt during the ceremony the energy around me and the car was suddenly raised and my guides were present. It was also interesting you felt the same thing. Right after the ceremony when I went to pick a friend up, the first thing he said was “your car feels great!” I told him about the ceremony that had been done. Since all three of us felt the same thing, it meant we perceived the same thing. To have a blessing done like this is a great way to bring the sacred into our lives when we are so busy living in the profane world without time to think. I want to thank you, again, Dylan and know you will help others with your Light.


— Naomi